How to Boost Your Event Registration 5X with Conversational Marketing

How to Boost Your Event Registration 5X with Conversational Marketing

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The level of success of real-life events greatly depends on the quality of online promotion and administration, as a majority of applications will surely come from the internet. At the same time, it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract attendees when so many alternatives are just a click away. This is why event organisers and promoters need to consider innovative approaches that could separate them from the crowd and extend the value of the marketing budgets.

Conversational marketing is one of the latest innovations that is currently causing ripples across the digital marketing landscape. This technology is very flexible and can be customised to fit the objectives of the campaign, whatever they may be. In case of business event organisation, that’s usually to motivate more people to sign up and attend.

How conversational marketing can fit into an existing event organisation strategy?

Most events support some kind of online application procedure, which can be initiated from the official website, in response to invitation e-mails, by clicking on a social media ad, etc. However, the amount of information that can be communicated through these channels is fairly limited and also very difficult to personalise. By adding an interactive chat channel on Messenger, Instagram DMs or WhatsApp that is triggered by a user-initiated action, event organisers gain a direct link with highly motivated members of the priority target group. Any questions or concerns can be addressed immediately, which has a huge impact on conversion rates and could amplify the effectiveness of other promotion channels.

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How to optimise your chatbots to ensure maximum participation for an event?

Of course, to reap the benefits of conversational marketing it’s necessary to program the bots to respond adequately to many possible scenarios. Those software constructs have an impressive capacity to interact with humans in natural language and proactively suggest options depending on input, but they need to be set up with business priorities in mind. When they are properly programmed and optimised, chat bots can recognise when to send a link to the registration page, which users need to see photos of the venue, etc. Based on the early returns, behaviour of the bot can be modified to reflect the actual expectations of users.

How to use a chat bot to keep in touch with everyone before and after the event?

Another important aspect of having a high registration rate for your event is to make certain that everyone confirms and shows up. When most of the registered attendees are already communicating with a chat bot, they won’t mind getting periodic reminders. Any materials needed for preparation or instructions how to reach the venue can be shared in this way, additionally helping to keep things on schedule and ensure the participants remain fully engaged. The conversation doesn’t have to end after the event is finished, as chat bots offer a convenient way to send thank you notes, follow up invitations, and similar materials that help build long-term relationships.

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