Chit Chat Just Became a ManyChat Expert

Chit Chat Just Became a ManyChat Expert

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ManyChat Agency Partner

So it’s official… We’ve been recognised by one of the leading chatbot building platforms, ManyChat, as both a Messenger Marketing Expert and Agency Partner!

The chat marketing space is very exciting right now. We can’t wait to see all that happens with Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS and Instagram Direct going forward and working alongside ManyChat and our other partners to make amazing things happen.

As Manychat and messenger marketing experts we can help you create your marketing strategy and build a conversational first funnel that converts at scale.

Ryan Dearlove – Chit Chat Founder

Bot Building Technology Platforms

When building a bot and chat marketing strategy it’s very important to choose the right software and partners to bring it alive. We work with many different technology platforms, we’re unbiased, it really depends on what we are trying solve or create. We often layer existing software with our own custom solutions, whatever it takes to complete the omnichannel experience.

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We often get asked questions such as “should I use ManyChat or Chatfuel?” or “How does Google Dialogflow work and do I really need it?”.

ManyChat and Chatfuel are the two leading bot-building platforms worldwide. We’ve used both of these platforms as well as several others on projects for leading brands as well as ambitious start-ups. We can say with some confidence that both of these platforms are great and each pushes the other to release new features which benefit everyone in the chat marketing community.

Both platforms don’t have AI built-in, and they both need to be connected to third-party software such as Google Dialogflow, which allows you to use AI in your chatbot. Depending on your goals and objectives AI functionality isn’t always a necessity.

Are you looking for a ManyChat expert agency? Discover how we’ve helped other businesses like yours achieve their goals.