12 Amazing Examples of Social Chatbots

12 Amazing Examples of Social Chatbots

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A strong marketing campaign requires proper understanding of the target groups, skilled utilisation of the available media channels, and a touch of creativity. When all of those factors converge, the results can be truly inspiring, not to mention extremely profitable and sustainable over the long term. If we are talking about conversational marketing based on social messaging automation, the space for creative expression could be even wider than with traditional media thanks to the possibility to include various multimedia elements and engage in detailed design of interaction scenarios.

Numerous advertisers have already embraced chatbot-based campaigns on social media and their customers are thrilled. There are exceptional case studies available to learn from, to get started we have compiled a list of 12 great examples. These social messaging bots will provide inspiration to brands that are thinking about embracing marketing automation.


As a global brand with a huge number of outlets in different markets and lots of models on offer, Kia needed a convenient way to organise the flow of information and provide the customers with timely answers to a range of inquiries. The solution was found in the form of a smart conversational bot, which was used to assist more than 100,000 users and boosted the conversion rate to more than 20%.


Duolingo noticed that many people were too shy to test their language skills in a conversation with a native speaker, so they offered them an opportunity to practice with a bot instead. The users reacted very enthusiastically to the bot’s ability to customise conversations and respond in real time, allowing the popular online language school to neutralise one of the biggest obstacles to learning.

Bank of America

Financial services are complex and sensitive, so Bank of America decided to provide its customers with a live assistant named Erica to guide them through all the procedures. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 7 million users interacting with this bot. It’s safe to say that Erica deserved to be named Employee of the Year for her contributions to company growth.


You wouldn’t associate one of the biggest supermarket brands in Europe with fine wine shopping or expect the staff to provide a sommelier advice. That’s exactly why the company launched a wine bot named Margot, which is very skilled at recommending the best type of wine to go with a specific food combination. That’s a very smart way to boost the sales of alcohol while making the shoppers happier.

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National Geographic

All well-made smart bots are endowed with a unique personality, but National Geographic went a step further and tried to recreate Albert Einstein as a chat bot. While it’s impossible to tell how faithful this impersonation really is, it definitely made chatting about science more fun. An average conversation lasted longer than 6 minutes, so it’s clear the users found it believable enough.

Whole Foods

Chatbots work best when they are given a clear area of expertise and in case of Whole Foods the focus was squarely on cooking and recipes. The introduction of chatbot technology allowed for a huge improvement of user experience, as it allowed buyers to search for recipes while in the store and specify their dietary restrictions and taste preferences.

British Swim School

The fastest growing swim franchise in the US hired Chit Chat Agency to improve their real-time communication strategy. They wanted to nurture and qualify leads on auto-pilot, when people first engage with the chatbot they are prompted to complete a swimming skills assessment, once that is complete, a list of local pools is displayed which allows people to check the availability of classes personal to them directly within Messenger.

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World Health Organization (WHO)

Sudden arrival of the Covid pandemic cast WHO into the spotlight and forced it to use all means at its disposal to spread key information about the prevention and treatment of this disease. One of the best tools that the organisation developed was the WHO Health Alert social bot, which actively provided travel information in the time of lockdowns and debunked popular misconceptions about the virus.

Bud Light

The US-based beer brand is famous for its funny TV commercials, but it has proven to be quite comfortable with conversational marketing as well. The company launched a bot that acts as a customer’s best buddy, reminding him to get enough cans for a game night or recommending limited-series cans for each city. This was a successful engagement campaign with a noticeable impact on sales.


The success of Dom, The Interactive Pizza Bot provides a blueprint that other companies in the food industry can follow. It’s primary purpose was to improve customer experience, and it did that by allowing the users to order directly from social media apps they use daily, shortening the time needed to place an order, and tracking the status of the order at every moment.

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal FC created a Messenger bot that allows fans to view the latest team news, check ticket availability, view fixtures, review player stats and even watch video clips. The Arsenal bot has been dubbed ‘Robot Pires’, after former player Robert Pires. Fans can also opt-in to receive real-time news alerts.

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Considering it is involved in the development of social messaging chatbots, it doesn’t come as a surprise that ManyChat was able to create a great conversational campaign for its own business. In this case, the objective the bot was trying to accomplish was motivating users to sign up for the company newsletter. Visual communication was a big part of the strategy, with GIFs used to respond to user’s actions and express moods and emotions.

Travel Professor

Travel Professor is virtual AI travel assistant that sends users cheap flight deals based on their personal travel preferences. People can sign up via Messenger or Instagram DMs. The personalised travel deal brand partnered with Chit Chat Agency to create a conversational-first approach which provided a more seamless customer experience and increased subscription rates by over 300%.

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