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Chatbots for car dealerships & auto brands

Our custom-built chatbots and chat marketing strategies make it easy for automotive marketers and car dealerships to attract, nurture and convert car buyers.

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Popular use cases

How car dealerships can use social messaging bots to attract, nurture & convert car buyers

Segment Audiences

Leverage data captured during your conversations such as vehicle preferences, budgets, locations and customer intents to create customer profiles and segment customers like never before.

Automated Tools

Bots can provide after-sale assistance as well as pre-screen customers credit applications. Instant car valuations, and other financing options can all be completed within popular messaging channels.

Powerful Ad Capabilities

Tap into Facebooks powerful advertising capabilities that allow you to get your bot in front of people who are interested in buying or selling cars and other vehicles. Create entry-points from Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram adverts directly to your bot.

Marketing Automation

Automated follow-up messages can be created for a number of scenarios. Vehicle inventory can be synced and targeted notifications can be delivered via email, Messenger, or SMS to specific segmented audiences.

Advice & Information

Include a knowledgebase AI agent within your conversational experience that is able to instantly provide information about specs of a car or provide real-time pricing information about vehicle models & so much more.

Test Drive Bookings

Make booking test drives and car check-ups simple all while capturing a customer profile. The bot can be synced with your internal CRM for seamless lead processing in real-time at scale.

AI for car dealerships

Auto marketers know that the average path to purchase a new car can span many months. As part of a tailored omnichannel marketing mix, our messaging automation solutions, AI automations and chat marketing strategies can help create a single unified customer view that will allow you to oversee customer relationships at every point of their unique path to purchase and beyond.

Messenger Bot For Dealerships

Facebook Messenger is popular amongst all age groups, including first-time car buyers . It is one of the largest messaging platforms in the world and its powerful ad targeting capabilities are ideal for auto dealerships and brands.

WhatsApp Automotive Bot

Automotive brands can create a WhatsApp bot to provide one-to-one support at scale. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it is the largest messaging platform in the world.

Instagram DM Automation

Over 400 million monthly active users use Instagram’s direct message feature. The vast majority of incoming messages are pre-purchase, so dealerships and car brands that use Instagram messaging will have a marketing edge.

Conversional Display Ads

The powers of chat marketing combined with the reach of Google Display Network. Provide in-the-moment communication that facilitates a seamless experience from car recommendations to booking test drives.

Google Business Messages

Shorten your customer’s path to conversion by engaging them with automated personal messages in their moment of need on Google Search and Maps.

Why auto dealerships are investing in messaging automation, AI and chatbot marketing

The automotive industry spends billions on advertising, 70% of it's digital ad spend is invested on mobile ads. Chatbots built on popular mobile messaging channels can act as customer relationship tools that can help boost awareness, nurture relationships and increase sales.

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Virtual Assistance

Our analysis has shown 62% of automotive related questions (car specs, warranties, insurance, etc.) can be answered using a knowledgebase AI agent.

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Qualified Leads

On average car dealership chatbots helped reduce the cost per lead by an average of 39%, making it the best performing acquisition channel.

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Mobile-First Strategy

97% of Gen Z and 93% of Millennial's own a smartphone, and on an average day, they spend over four hours using it online.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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