Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Give your audience the ability to engage and take action on Facebook Messenger, a platform they already use everyday.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Take your relationships to the next level with a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Scalable Conversions

Messenger marketing allows you to create meaningful and personalised connections across Facebook and Instagram messaging platforms at scale


You can leverage declared data and answers provided during your conversations such as product preferences, interests, and customer intents to create customer profiles and segment customers like never before.

Granular Analysis

Track engagement and retention across your whole audience. Quickly identify bottlenecks that allow you to make conversion driven improvements to your social ad campaigns and conversational experience.

Entry Points

Use Messenger links to redirect people into your Messenger bot from your owned channels. Start purposeful two-way conversations on Messenger from emails, text messages, website widgets, adverts, QR codes and more. 


Data collected during your conversational experience can be used across email, SMS as well as your existing technology stack (CRM) to deliver a seamless customer experience that engages and converts.

Frictionless Remarketing

Retarget your audience with personalised, mobile-first messages. Your messages can be automated and follow-up message sequences can be triggered based on specific conversational events and behaviours.

24/7 Support

A Messenger bot can provide automated answers to repetitive questions, lookup large data sets instantly as well as hand over the conversation to a human operator if the bot is unable to provide an answer.

Improved ROAS

Click to Messenger adverts allow you to connect directly with every prospect on Instagram and Facebook. These ads can significantly improve your return on ad spend by shortening the path conversion and facilitating relationships at scale beyond the initial ad click.

Social CRM

Interactions on a Messenger chatbot can help power your CRM and customer engagement strategy, that will allow you to oversee customer relationships at every point of their unique journey.

Messenger bots can be used at every stage of your marketing funnel

With Messenger you can personalise customer experiences in real-time based on first party data across every stage of your customer lifecycle.
Help people discover your brand and collect first party data in real-time that can be later used to personalise their customer journey.
Engage every person individually at scale with personal recommendations and insights that help nurture the relationship.
Shorten the path to conversion and drive move results with a seamless conversational experience.
Boost customer care by instantly responding to customers in moments of need.
Detailed insights and granular segmentation of people who engaged with your Messenger bot will allow you to foster loyalty and boost conversions with data driven remarketing.

Why businesses are investing Messenger chatbots

People are more likely to buy more, make a purchase, and recommend businesses that offer communication channels that people prefer and use everyday.

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Instant Replies

85% of Facebook users expect businesses to respond within 6 hours, the vast majority are unable to achieve this target. With a Messenger bot you can respond instantly to all messages received. 

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More Sales

Chatbots increase sales by an average of 67%, according to business leaders. 32% of all conversions start through a chatbot interaction.

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3.5 billion people actively using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger each month. Over 40 million businesses are active on the Messenger platform every month.

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Messenger chatbot boosts sign up rates by 348%

The travel brand partnered with us to create a conversational-first approach which provided a more seamless customer experience.  

Popular Use cases & solutions

Popular Messenger bot use cases & solutions

Virtually every kind of business can find legitimate applications for social messaging automation. 

Overcome objections, answer frequently asked questions and provide personal recommendations. Lead messenger bots allow you to nurture the leads in a more natural way.

A product recommendation bot can asks questions to better understand a persons preferences.  It allows brands to provide detailed recommendations as well as collect insights at a very granular level.

Give consumers easy access to your business on a messaging channel that gets used every day is key to maintaining high customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

Survey your audience in their favourite messenger platform and collect actionable insights that will help transform your business for the better.

A FAQ bot can help educate visitors, overcome objections and improve staff productivity. Turn your browsers into buyers with a well-designed answer bot.

Grow your contact list and generate more leads for your business by creating an interactive competition experience inside Messenger. Easy participation, instant leads and automated follow-ups.

Quickly scale your event registration list, automate marketing processes and help participants get information about your event in a messaging platform they use every day.

A reservation chatbot can assist your customers through your booking process. It will save you time and money on manual reservation follow-ups.

Quizzes are a natural fit for Messenger due to it’s easy to use interface. A quiz bot is a great way to quickly grow your subscriber list and collect granular insights on your audience.

Messenger Bot - Travel

Segment customers in Messenger using first-party data

Audience segmentation is a marketing strategy that identifies and targets subgroups within an existing audience. Groups typically share common traits or needs that you can tailor your content to address. The goal of audience segmentation is to deliver personalized messaging and build stronger connections with prospects.

Messenger chatbots allow you to create very granular customer profiles by assigning attributes to Messenger contacts (those who engage with your bot) during the conversational experience. By using custom variables, you are able to segment your audiences into clearly designed segments that don’t just make remarketing to dynamic audiences easy but also very powerful.

Austrian Messenger Bot Hits The Slopes

The Austrian National Tourist Office & Chit Chat oversaw an industry-first, a Facebook Chatbot designed and developed to help users find their dream ski holiday.

Messenger chatbot entry points

Convenient entry points into your conversational flows – on and off of social messaging platforms  make it easier for people to connect with businesses in an instant and also facilitate channel-agnostic AI. People can interact with your Messenger bot in a variety of ways. Every person who sends a message will automatically become a contact.

Entry Point Description Acquisition
Social Page Action buttons (send message) and pinned stories can be added to social media pages. Organic
Website/App A chat widget can be used to handle onsite conversations, guest mode is available. Organic
Email & SMS Clickable ref links that redirect people to your bot can be included within your emails and text messages. Paid & Organic
QR Codes These scannable links are ideal for offline materials such as leaflets, guides and menus. Organic
Social Adverts These click-to-message ads can redirect people to your bot funnels. Paid
Social Comments Send automated messages to people who comment or reply on your social posts. Paid & Organic

Recent Partnerships

These companies and many more like them have worked with Chit Chat to harness the power of online conversations.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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