How To Trigger Instagram DM Automation With Instagram Live

How To Trigger Instagram DM Automation With Instagram Live

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Social media marketing is about brand awareness but its also about quickly growing the number of contacts and turning some of them into customers, and automation can help a great deal in this regard. In particular, automating direct messaging on popular networks like Instagram can be a smart way to stimulate interaction and ultimately build a large and diverse customer base. It can help transform comments and hearts into real revenue – not just vanity metrics.

There are many ways to set up your social messaging chatbots, and one of the most important questions is which triggers can activate them. Since Instagram is primarily a visual medium and numerous users love watching videos, one interesting option is to connect the DM automation with the new live broadcasting feature – Instagram Live. This combination can create amazing results, especially when it comes to user activation and feedback about your brand or product.

Why Instagram Live can be a great trigger for automated messages?

Instagram Live is a feature that does exactly what it name implies – lets users live stream videos directly to their followers. It’s very simple to use and can be activated with a single click, so it adds another channel for connecting with others on this social network. Importantly, a live stream appears in the followers’ feed above any Stories, which makes it a great trigger for automated DMs. Since video streaming is already a very direct and personalised communication format, it sets the tone for a continued one-on-one conversation that can be realised through the DM system. A naturally occurring trigger increases the chances that the user will willingly enter the communication and makes it easier for the bot to achieve the intended objective.

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Initiating conversations based on interactions with the broadcast

Users can interact with the live stream in various ways, i.e. by commenting or sharing. Each of those actions can start an automated conversation that can be tailored for each user. Depending on the type of the initial trigger and responses to the computer-generated messages, a conversation can be directed towards specific objectives. Since the interaction is kicked off by the user, this marketing channel doesn’t feel intrusive or pushy, especially since it’s possible to terminate the chat at any time. On the other hand, users tend to be honest and forthcoming in this setting, so it’s easier to establish a lasting relationship through a personalised conversation.

Collecting user demographics and feedback to help understand the intent

If Instagram Live broadcasts are used in conjunction with automated DMs, it becomes possible to track the impact of each video in real time and understand who is watching and how they feel about it. Smart bots that manage automated conversations can collect a lot of data and immediately use it to shape the next response. Additionally, brands can use DMs to directly ask the users anything they want to know – from their impressions about the broadcast to opinions about the company, its overall Instagram presence, marketing campaigns, etc. Insights of this kind can guide future efforts and lead to creation of even more engaging Instagram Live videos that appeal to a broader audience.