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We help businesses transform popular communication channels into powerful marketing and customer support tools using our expertise in messaging automation, AI, chat marketing and click-to-message ads.

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How can we help your business?

With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming.

It doesn’t need to be. 

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One-to-one customer relationships at scale

As the usage of messenger channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Whatsapp continues to rise smart brands are seeking to establish meaningful connections through these new channels.

Our custom-built and goal-oriented messaging bots allow customers to buy products, share information, ask questions, and engage with brands on a messaging channel they already use every day. As well as opening up advanced ad targeting capabilities that are unique to chat marketing.

Social advertising funnels that scale & convert

Integrating conversational marketing techniques into your existing sales and marketing workflows allows you to add an immediate two-way conversation that drives the customer experience and sales sky-high.

Using popular messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram Direct during the user journey can help businesses qualify prospects, convert leads, and improve customer relations along the path to conversion and beyond.

Facebook & Instagram message-related ad strategies scale and convert much better than traditional online social ads and can be integrated with popular third-party tools that help shorten the sales cycle and improve retention.

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AI chatbot boosts sign up rates by 348%

The travel brand partnered with us to create a conversational-first approach which provided a more seamless customer experience.  

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Actionable insights that drive conversions

The same fit all message will not motivate people to take action. 80% of customers are more likely to purchase after a personalised brand experience.

Messaging allows you to speak with your target audience, not at them. It allows you to listen, learn, and respond based on insights rather than assumptions.

Build strong, rich, and long-lasting relationships with your customers by acquiring deep actionable insights that help drive your omni-channel strategy.

Automate your customer experience

Use AI to understand the intent of every message and respond instantly.

The vast majority of incoming messages on social are pre-purchase. An automated customer experience bot helps cut back on the manual effort of replying and ensures your customers get the right answers, right away.

Don’t just use inbound chat funnels to automate frequently asked questions. Improve your customer experience by connecting conversations to your most loved tools and channels.

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Austrian Chatbot Hits The Slopes

The Austrian National Tourist Office & Chit Chat oversaw an industry-first, a Facebook Chatbot designed and developed to help users find their dream ski holiday.

Over 1 billion people connect with business accounts weekly via Instagram, Messenger & Whatsapp

Give consumers exactly what they want, where they want it – at scale! Fill up your funnel by using social conversational ads that allow people to chat with your business directly via your social adverts, Facebook page or website chat widget. Our chat marketing strategies are proven to significantly increase conversions when compared to traditional and non-conversational marketing channels.

81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online

Consumers need to ask questions, find inspiration and understand the details before any decision is made. A chatbot built on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp can help solve these problems by making it easy for consumers to access key information on a channel they’re already familiar with.

Messaging apps have 20% more active monthly users than social networks

The vast majority of our day-to-day conversations happen in messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. Giving consumers easy access to your business on these popular social messaging channels is key to maintaining high customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

What is chatbot marketing?

Stop doing the same marketing over and over again. Consider using Messenger, Instagram DMs and WhatsApp as part of your marketing mix. 🚀 

At a recent marketing event, Mark Zuckerberg said social messaging has become “the centre of our digital lives” and “people want the same ease of communication with businesses too”.

When done right chatbots can transform your messaging channels into powerful marketing tools.

Recent Partnerships

These companies and many more like them have worked with Chit Chat to harness the power of online conversations.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

Chat with our virtual assistant aiDA 🤖 to discover how we can help you. 

Chat with aiDA

aida ai chat

With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

Chat with our virtual sales assistant aiDA 🤖 to discover how we can help you.