A Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing Automation

A Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing Automation

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Mobile marketing campaigns based on SMS messages are nothing new, and they are used with success in many different fields of business, education, or administration. With mobile penetration at nearly 100% and the effectiveness of the traditional mass media marketing on the decline, it’s clear that companies that successfully harness the power of direct SMS communication have an edge. The next stage in the development of this marketing channel includes automated message generation and flexible interaction, so this is a good time to start thinking about the future.

SMS marketing may not be the most glamorous promotion method, but its efficiency makes it a valuable item in every marketer’s toolbox. That’s why it’s important for business owners to understand the fundamentals of this approach, and be prepared to utilise SMS to their advantage should the opportunity present itself.

What is the Primary Purpose of SMS Marketing?

As a basic service that is provided by practically all mobile carriers, SMS is one of the most widely used forms of one-on-one, text-based communication between users.  Because of its mass popularity and direct nature, this feature has extensively been used to send short promotional messages to large number of phone numbers at once. Easy scaling is the greatest advantage of SMS marketing, which is why this approach is especially popular with companies looking to quickly build up their customer base. This channel is readily embraced by many different age groups and demographics, additionally adding to its potential for customer activation.

Which Types of Campaigns Can Be Executed through SMS?

SMS is a very convenient channel for sending notifications, reminders, and value offers, and it didn’t take long for marketers to figure out smart ways to leverage those roles into a wider campaign. SMS is commonly used to introduce new products, publicise re-branding or co-branding efforts, reward customers with discounts, or conduct sales campaigns that include limited-time promotions. SMS is also very convenient for public information campaigns, political promotion and similar non-commercial activities. Since responding to an SMS requires only a minimal effort and mental focus, this method is also frequently used to drive registration for business or educational events.

Why is Automation so Important for SMS Marketing?

By diversifying the responses and accounting for the actions of the user, it’s possible to raise communication to the next level and open some space for new use cases. Automated campaigns are inexpensive and require low amount of manpower, but they can have a tremendous impact on several levels. They can contribute to brand recognition, drive up revenues, improve customer relations, and ensure that a direct line for receiving feedback remains open at all times.

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As ManyChat agency partners we can connect and combine SMS with Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and Email. This omnichannel approach means we can help businesses acquire customers via social messaging channels people use everyday and then re-engage using SMS. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, making SMS the best medium for any time-sensitive messaging. Text marketing CTRs run as high as 30%.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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