5 WhatsApp Bot Examples You Need to See

5 WhatsApp Bot Examples You Need to See

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Forward-thinking brands are finding creative ways to leverage the emerging chatbot technology into more successful promotional efforts that rely on innovative communication channels. Messaging apps like WhatsApp represent somewhat of uncharted territory when it comes to marketing, as they are fundamentally different from traditional media as well as from static web pages or e-mail services. WhatsApp conversations are instant, direct, and dynamic and the appropriate forms of promotion embrace those qualities and build upon them.

Thanks to the recently released WhatsApp Business API, now it’s very easy to deploy chatbots on this platform and use them to interact with customers in many different ways. Some of the early success stories are quite impressive, and provide insights that other marketers could possibly incorporate into their thinking. We listed some of the most inspirational examples of WhatsApp chatbots that decisively prove the value of this concept.

1. Stars of Africa

This South African soccer training academy noticed that WhatsApp is the preferred communication channel for many interested candidates and decided to find the talent where it already is. By launching a chatbot to guide the mobile registration process for tryouts and provide important information directly to players, the company was able to boost participation as well as its revenues. Through integration with Google Sheets, all data was shared in the cloud so the process was both more transparent and more efficient. The bot also made sure no one was late for the trials as it sent reminders at pre-set times, and notified the candidates about the outcomes of the selection after trials ended.

2. HeyPatch

The decision to create a virtual WhatsApp assistant turned out to be a smart move for this Spanish language learning app. The bot was assigned several functions and it performed them all above expectations. It provided an easy way for client companies to on-board their employees and ensure they will keep learning through the app. The company also created another chat bot to deliver short lessons in an interactive format with plenty of visual elements included in the chat. Those innovations were enthusiastically accepted by users, and helped them to derive even more value from the core service that HeyPatch offered.

heypatch whatsapp

3. NiceHop

Travel industry is considered to be very mobile-friendly, and this company found a new way to engage users through WhatsApp automation. The purpose of the bot (which was named Hoppi) was to search for personalised bargain deals on the internet and present them daily to the user through a WhatsApp chat. While Hoppi was designed as a simple rule-based algorithm, it has impressive conversational ability and communicates with users in a distinctive style, with lots of optimistic and cheerful messages. A well-defined personality of the bot and precisely targeted service are the main reasons for the success of this highly original and well-executed idea.

nicehop whatsapp

4. Amazon

The largest e-commerce company in the world definitely understands the power of automation, so it’s not a surprise that its WhatsApp chatbot is one of the best in class. The Amazon bot is able to assist unlimited number of customers at once and provide them with instant answers to their questions and detailed guidance through the shopping process. Thanks to this chatbot, making a repeat order became extremely simple and buyers can actively track the exact location of the order at all times. The bot can assist users of Amazon’s subscription services including Kindle and Prime, so it represents a connecting element within this vast digital ecosystem.

whatsapp amazon bot

5. BMW

The German carmaker takes pride in the luxury of its vehicles and wanted to extend the first-class treatment of its drivers to the digital domain. To this end, BMW created a WhatsApp bot tasked with coordinating service appointments and ensuring that the booking process runs smoothly and without any errors. Drivers are notified when the repairs have been completed and instructed where and when to pick up the car. The bot has the capacity to communicate in English or German, using personalised sentences that sound completely natural. Unsurprisingly, it was widely embraced by BMW owners and quickly made a positive impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

bmw whatsapp bot

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