How Chatbots are Empowering the B2ME Movement

How Chatbots are Empowering the B2ME Movement

The B2ME movement is a new wave of marketing that’s becoming more popular with each passing day. It is a movement that allows businesses to build a more reliable, satisfactory, and personal relationship with each customer.

Many businesses have come to appreciate that their customers are their number one asset, thereby putting the needs of their customers first before any other thing.

Since the B2ME concept is all about personal satisfaction, businesses are tasked with the need to create experiences that are unique, timely, intimate, and tailored.

Chatbots are the perfect tools to bring these customer elements to life. Simply put, chatbots are effective tools that allow brands to strengthen the business relationships they have with their customers through the B2ME customer experience.

One of the beauty of this tool is its power to convert potential customers into actual customers. According to a report released by Vodafone, the company experienced twice its conversion rate after integrating a chatbot into their website. We have various case studies demonstrating similar results.

Vodafone also experienced shorter transaction periods as the use of chatbots helped reduce transaction time to half of what it used to be.

Many companies are already jumping on the chatbot train and there are good reasons for this. Besides the fact that this customer engagement tool can help reduce transaction time, increase revenue, generate sales leads, and increase conversions, there are many other reasons why the B2ME movement are utilizing chatbots:

  • Engaging Customer Experience

As we noted earlier, the selling point of the B2ME movement is to please its customers. With chatbots, pleasing a customer is much easier.

These tools can be built with machine learning algorithms that helps companies and brands make decisions tailored after the needs of each consumer.

Chatbots help in facilitating better human conversations. Utilizing them the right way will have your customers feeling like they are having an engaging and personal conversation instead of the boring, traditional marketing.

  • Enhanced Customer Journey

Getting the right answers to a problem within a short period of time is one thing a customer will always appreciate.

Just by integrating a series of qualified and targeted questions into your bot, users can easily navigate your website, get assistance, be rerouted to the right FAQs, find information and products, and more.

  • Saves Time and Cost

With their ability to portray conversations as if they are being made by a human, chatbots save brands time and money, thereby giving them the opportunity to focus on more creative work.

  • Round The Clock Support

A brand that can and will be there for its customers any time of the day is one that would garner a lot of respect and trust.

With chatbots, brands are decreasing their average response time, interacting more with their customers, and providing customers with support all round the clock.

However, only a well-built chatbot can attain the benefits mentioned above. And a well-built chatbot is one that provides users with actual value; one that is interactive, and portrays a complete brand experience. Without these qualities, your chatbot cannot achieve the aim of the B2ME movement.

Before you create a chatbot, you need to understand the needs of your consumers. If your chatbot doesn’t resolve their problems, it would only be a glorified computer bot that’s taking away your time and money.

Additionally, if it doesn’t portray what your brand stands for nor deliver on the promises expected from your company, then your chatbot won’t be converting prospects; it would be leading them away from your brand instead as prospects won’t get the conviction to interact with your brand.

In order to create and uphold the B2ME stance, that is, the one-on-one connection with each customer, there are some important elements you need to take into account.

Below is a list of factors that will help you build a chatbot that provides and enhances the individualized B2ME experience your customers want and deserve:


Nobody likes being tricked. This same rule applies to your customers as well as the world of chatbots.

Don’t try to create an impression that your customers are being answered by a human. It is imperative to understand this. Tricking your customers, or making them believe they are having a conversation with a human support agent will hurt your brand.

Chatbot studies have shown that brands that allow their customers to know they are talking to a bot garnered more upfront and positive conversations.

Being honest with your customers is an imperative element that will help you gain their trust. And with their trust gained, your chances of turning them into buyers, and then repeat buyers, increases significantly.


Don’t pack your chatbot with a million things at once. Testing and measuring are two important elements of success in business.

As you test and measure what works and what doesn’t, slowly roll-out new functionalities and use cases into your chatbot.

Doing this will let you know what’s working and what isn’t. And it will also provide you with a better chance of converting your potential leads.

A disconnected, jam-packed chatbot won’t provide the perfect B2ME experience. Instead, it will drive your potential leads away.


But personality is. Your chatbot doesn’t have to be designed by the best designer before it gets you what you want. How it looks doesn’t matter as much as the value it provides.

  • Does your chatbot answer the right questions?
  • Does it speak the different languages of your consumers?
  • Does it match your brand image and tone?

These are some of the many questions that needs to be answered when creating a chatbot. The solutions your chatbot provides are more important that how it looks.

These three steps are bound to help you create an awesome chatbot that will reinforce your brand’s reputation, generate better revenue, convert potential leads to paying customers, and of course, offer a sweet, personalized B2ME experience.

Chatbots are rising and soon, they will be everything a customer need.

At Chit Chat Agency, when designing a conversational experience, we start with your objectives and work backwards from there. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all the amazing features and tasks that a chatbot can do but all of that is irrelevant if your business goals are not met.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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