5 Ways Universities Are Using Conversation Marketing

5 Ways Universities Are Using Conversation Marketing

Many brands have integrated conversational experiences into their businesses. And while some are already reaping the benefits that comes with them, others are just starting to learn how advantageous they can be.

These automated chat solutions are being used in many industries, including medicine, hospitality, e-commerce, and many more. The educational sector, however, caught the buzz a little later than others.

While some educational institutes have started integrating chatbots into their websites and conversational channels, there are many others that are being skeptical as to how important these tools are.

However, the momentum is steadily climbing. Some universities and colleges have seen the potential of these tools and have started using it as a conversation marketing tool between them and their customers – the students.

High school students face many fears and one of the top ones is making the right choices. Many of them are worried about the right school choice, the right courses, the schools that align with their career and academic goals, etc.

Students spend countless hours researching prospective schools, using a wide variety of sources. The problem here is, there will either get a lot of wrong information or little of the right information. This is where a chatbot can help.

Instead of spending hours trawling the internet and getting little or no information, a chatbot that has been integrated into the university’s properties can provide intending students with everything they need to know.

Prospective students will feel more at ease with a messenger bot, as the vast majority of students will already be using the messaging platform everyday.

The university chatbot can provide them with answers to relevant questions. And also carry out the necessary work of converting potential leads to students of the institute.

There are many advantages to be enjoyed by universities that integrate chatbots into their marketing and communication channels. Below is a list of use cases where chatbots are becoming really beneficial for universities:


Choosing the right course is one vital phase every student must pass through. It is vital because it concerns their future. Students are usually concerned as they know that the courses they choose may determine what their future would be.

A chatbot can help potential students decide on the course or path that’s perfect for them. When a student logs onto your website, the chatbot takes charge of the situation by asking them relevant questions about their academic strengths and weaknesses, background, and interests.

The bot collects and collates the data and provides the student with relevant courses that are offered by your institution.

Students can also ask questions, such as, course duration, internships, curriculum, subject credits, etc. Even better, a chatbot can be set up to direct students to career counsellors.

This is a good thing especially when the student is either confused or needs more information on the course they are about to choose.


Getting familiar with the university scene takes time, especially for new students. Your institution can make students feel at ease and help them know their way around the campus through the bot.

Programs, places, events, campus visits, etc. can be integrated into the bot. All the students needs to do is ask the bot for help and they get it immediately.


Chatbots can also serve as reminders and help students keep track of their schedules, classes, and events. They can also be used as a way to enhance students’ knowledge.

There are use cases where chatbots have been used to set up quizzes and practice tests. Other chatbot uses include collecting course feedback and sending test results to students.

This simply shows that students are not the only ones who stand to benefit from the implementation of chatbots, it can help streamline processes and consequently improve productivity.


Chatbots can help prospective students through the admission process. With proper integration and set up, this tool will answer every admission related questions, provide guidelines for the enrolment process, provide documentation information, and more.

This will make the process easier as students will have a 24/7 assistant, get instant replies, be well informed, and won’t have to go through multiple pages just to complete their admission process.


Chatbots can make your institution’s website universally accessible. Visually impaired students will enjoy having a chatbot as their only point of contact rather than going through multiple webpages and directories to get the information they need.

Additionally, visually impaired students will be able to extract information from your website through their normal command method -voice command- instead of typing.

This simply indicates that a chatbot allows your school to serve, engage, and attract a wider range of applicants.

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