4 Clever & Creative Facebook Messenger Campaigns

4 Clever & Creative Facebook Messenger Campaigns


As a business, your priority is providing your customers with satisfaction. Whether it’s through your products or customer services, satisfying them should be top of your list.  Because keeping them satisfied will enhance trust, create loyalty and boost life-time customer value.

Communication is everything. Whether it’s advertising or customer support, all consumers will appreciate your brand if they can contact you easily. That is why smart brands are building creative marketing campaigns and customer service channels on Facebook Messenger – this is channel most people use everyday!

As a brand or business, you can now chat directly with your consumers on Messenger. This simply means that you can have one-on-one chat with your consumers anytime, anywhere. Messenger ads couples with a well-designed messenger chatbot make all this possible.

You can now connect with billions of users with no stress. Unlike company websites and email marketing campaigns that have limited reach, Facebook Messenger ads have a wider reach and a more personalised touch.

You also get improved open rates and click through rates, studies have shown that Facebook Messenger chatbots outperform email by up to 400%. And your customers can chat with you like they are talking to their friends.

Still unsure if Messenger Marketing and chatbots are right for your business? Below are five clever and creative Facebook Messenger campaigns to inspire you.


Facebook Messenger ads have helped businesses realise their dreams of having personalised conversations with their customers.

Sephora recently created a campaign that targeted women in the US who are interested in cosmology and makeup. The ads were placed in the Newsfeed section of Facebook.

The motive behind the campaign was to get more reservations for the company’s in-store makeover service.

The ads didn’t direct visitors to a landing page, like it would normally do. Instead, their target audience were driven to the company’s Facebook Page/Messenger Inbox. From there, the company’s chatbot took over the reservation process.

Just by answering relevant questions that had been pre-set in the chatbot, users were able to skip the process of filling forms. They were also able to skip searching for a Sephora location close to them, and no time was wasted on information verification.

With just a few taps, users were able to make in-store reservations without leaving Facebook.

This simple campaign gave Sephora a 11% increase in bookings and as well as 1000s more subscribers which could be re-marketed to on a very personalised and granular basis.


First, you need to identify the goal of your ad. This will help you optimise your Messenger ads and chatbot the right way. At Chit Chat Agency we always start with your objectives and work backwards never losing sight of your goal(s).

Keep the language simple and make the process simple for your consumers. Keep them in their comfort zone by cutting out the irrelevant UX properties.


One of the best ways to attract potential customers is by offering them a valuable product/service for free.

Offering a free product/service is just like telling prospects to come and test your products. Once that has been achieved, you stand a very good chance of converting them into paying customers.

That is exactly what a California real estate firm did.

They created a sponsored post, which was placed in the News Feed section on Facebook. The firm used this ad to offer potential customers free home valuations. They did this to educate prospects (and build a contact list) as not everyone is ready to sell or buy a home immediately.

Once a prospect clicks to find out more, their Messenger opens automatically and the company’s chatbot starts conversing with the person. A real estate business can utilise Messenger in many ways;

  • They can ask prospects a series of relevant questions to determine how valuable their house in on the market.
  • Prospects can ask questions and be provided with expert answers on what to do.
  • Prospects can set up an appointment for a variety of services including selling, buying, finance or a valuation appointment.


You can use Messenger to offer value to your consumers before asking them to purchase from you.

Doing this will make them comfortable with your brand and also build trust. The easier it is for the user to communicate with you, the easier it is to push them along the path to conversion.


We’ve all overlooked ads while scrolling through our Facebook Feed that do not resonate with us.

If the ad doesn’t pique your interest, you won’t bother to find out what it is about. However, if it’s something you are interested in, you are more likely to engage with it.

Nordstrom’s Messenger ad campaign was based on this concept. The company knows that customers and prospects will forever love personalised services.

Therefore, they take their time to know more about their customers by asking them a series of relevant questions within their Messenger bot.

The answer to these questions are used to determine the users’ preferences.

This allows them to come up with personalised messages and product recommendations that are well targeted and bound to get clicked on by their users.


Ask your customers relevant questions then use the answers you get to create unique profiles that are based on each question. You can store countless personalised attributes which allows to create a detailed picture of each customer.

Use the questions, answers, and follow up questions and answers to build a customer journey map. This map will define who the customers are as well as the type of products/services they are bound to be interested in.

Doing this will allow you to create more targeted ads which your customers are highly likely to respond to.


Offering your users valuable information will always be appreciated. When a user buys your product on Messenger, offering them updates about their purchase is one of the best ways to enhance user experience.

This is especially great if they are purchasing your product for the first time. The user will surely want to know how far their order has gotten and how soon it would be delivered.

Everlane builds customer relationship and user experience by offering their users detailed order information. Once they get an order, they send their users a “thank you” note, order summary, and a promise to keep them updated on their order status.

Then as soon as the order is shipped, they’ll provide the user with tracking updates. In fact, Everlane allows their consumers to track their orders in real time via a map, which has been integrated into Messenger.


Messenger provides businesses with many opportunities. Use it to keep the excitement flowing in your consumer.

Updates and information about their purchased product enhances the experience they have with your brand. It will also increase your chances of turning them into repeat buyers.

Why Smart Businesses Are Investing in Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

Why Smart Businesses Are Investing in Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

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