Facebook Retargeting Using Messenger Adverts

Facebook Retargeting Using Messenger Adverts

Facebook retargeting adverts are extremely powerful.

It’s very likely you will have seen retargeting ads whilst browsing Facebook or Instagram. You may have visited a website, perhaps you started to fill an online form but exited the website before completing the form or maybe you added some products in your basket but didn’t continue to checkout. When you consider that on average 97% of first-time website visitors do not complete a conversion (purchase, lead form, etc.), then retargeting ads are really a must have.

Through Facebook retargeting, you can remind people about these types of incomplete scenarios and persuade them to finish what they started. Facebook offers a variety of ad placement options and marketing objectives; however, for this blog post the focus will be on how to apply retargeting ads with Facebook Messenger objectives and placement in mind which allow you to take your retargeting strategy to the highest of levels.

Tracking & Building Your Audience

Before you create any retarget ads, you need to track all the people who have visited your website. You can do this by installing a Facebook pixel on your website to monitor website activity. The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that is easy to install and will tell you who has visited your website.

Once a Facebook pixel is added to your website, Facebook can begin monitoring your website traffic and you can create a Facebook custom audience within the Facebook ad platform. You can create multiple custom audiences based on specific activity or events such as including/excluding those who visited a specific page.

ℹ️ TOP TIP : Use Your Existing Data
As well as creating custom audiences using your website traffic you can create an audience using your existing CRM data (emails and telephone). You could target this audience with the aim of them becoming subscribers to your Facebook Messenger bot.

Advert Tips & Examples

Your custom audience lists will become essential as you start creating your Facebook retargeting ads. It’s important to test different Facebook retargeting ad variations using A/B testing to gain insights on what works best. You can tweak the creative and its copy as well as the call-to-action. To validate your experiments be sure to only test one element at a time.

Blenders Eyewear wanted to sell sunglasses at a lower cost per acquisition by reaching a warm audience using sponsored Facebook messages. A custom audience was created segmenting people who added products to their cart but did not follow through to purchase.

Different CTA buttons were used including “Shop Now” and “Learn More” in conjunction with relevant creative. The CTAs were clear, and the ad copy used generated a sense of urgency without paralysing the user to take action.

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Miller’s Roast Beef wanted to reach out to existing subscribers who hadn’t ordered from them in a while. They used sponsored messages to deliver a personal message outlining the latest buy-one-get-one-free promo with the hope of enticing customers back. These were existing subscribers which meant the ad spend required was very low and the returns were very high.

5 Reasons Facebook Retargeting + Facebook Messenger Can Boost Sales & Leads

  1. Messaging overtaken social media. Facebook recently reported over 2.45 monthly active used on the platform. When you consider that more people now use Facebook owned messaging platforms than Facebook owned social media platforms on a daily basis the platforms/placements to target become very clear.
  2. Easy to personalise. Using custom audiences, you can personalise your retargeting ads and continue that personal experience beyond the initial ad click with Messenger.
  3. Nurture relationships. Steering Facebook users to a Messenger bot after they click on your ad, allows you to easily collect customer information which can be used to nurture customers along a path to conversation that is personal to them.
  4. Reach specific audiences. By installing a Facebook pixel on your website, you can get very granular with the custom audiences that you create. For Example, if you are a real estate agent, you can setup an audience just for the people who visited your valuation page but did not complete the form. You can then setup a campaign which targets this group of people specifically.
  5. Seamless integrations. It’s possible that your customers may not even have to leave Facebook Messenger to complete a conversion. Customers could complete purchases within Messenger itself or leads can be captured with just a few taps. Information and data from your messenger conversations can be sent directly to your 3rd party marketing tools. These seamless integrations help improve productivity, improve customer care and boost conversions.

Using Messenger To Re-Engage

You can use your Messenger bot to re-engage with people who have previously chatted with you via Messenger, this is similar to email because these are people who have previously subscribed or interacted with you. They’re lots of benefits of using Messenger rather email including significantly higher open rates and click through rates – so take advantage of this underused form of communication.

key Takeways

Creating a retargeting strategy for your business is the first step towards higher conversions and customer lifetime value. Using Messenger in conjunction with retargeting is invaluable because it’s the only marketing channel that allows you to continue the conversation after the initial ad click. 

You now have the information you need to convert website visitors into loyal customers.

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