Turn browsers into buyers with an engaging & interactive FAQ chatbot

Turn browsers into buyers with an engaging & interactive FAQ chatbot

A well-designed FAQ chatbot will help educate visitors, overcome objections and improve staff productivity.

Intelligent & Automated Customer Support

Conversational Experience Placement

Your FAQ chatbot doesn’t rest. It will
be there to assist your team and customers
every day, all day. It’s not about replacing your support team but reducing the burden placed upon them.

Unique links to trigger your FAQ conversational experience can be added throughout your own properties including your website, marketing materials and mobile app.

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Conversation Started

Give your customers remarkable and instant support, even if your customer service team is unavailable.

Let customers search your knowledge base and find answers to the common queries related to using your product or service.

The conversational experience is scalable and easily updated. You can see the questions your customers are asking and optimize the experience when you need to.

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Support Provided

The conversational experience is able to answer questions, support sales and provide assistance based on your personal preferences.

It can be linked to third-party software such as your eCommerce platform to lookup product or customer information instantly.

Omnichannel Integrations

Powerful integrations with third-party applications enable your team to fully automate your marketing workflows.

You can send emails, SMS messages, sync with your CRM and other databases.

If your FAQ chatbot is unable to provide assistance to a customer’s query, the interaction can be redirected to a live customer support agent.

Automated messages can be sent to customers to improve resolution times and free up your team to focus on boosting customer relationships.

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Virtual Support vs Website FAQ

Conversational experiences via Messenger bots are simply the next step in the evolution of the traditional website knowledge base.  FAQ messenger bots allow you to nurture the path to conversion in a more natural way.

Web Form Messenger Chatbot
Instant Customer Profile (CRM)
Automation Basic Complex
Conversion Rate Average High
Setup Simple Advanced
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