Grow Your Audience With An Interactive Quiz On Facebook Messenger

Grow Your Audience With An Interactive Quiz On Facebook Messenger

Get to know your customers better with a dynamic and creative quiz Facebook Messenger bot.

Quizzes are a natural fit for Messenger due to it’s easy to use interface. A quiz chatbot is a great way to quickly grow your subscriber list and collect granular insights on your audience.

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How Quizzes Can Grow Your Subscriber List

What is a subscriber?
When someone sends you a message on Messenger, they immediately become a subscriber. You are then provided with the opportunity to reach out to them at a later date on a 1:1 basis. Email has 5-20% open rates. Messenger, by contrast, averages 70-90% open rates.

Click To Messenger Bot Advert

Using Facebook’s granular targeting options businesses can use click to Messenger adverts to start conversations within Messenger at scale.

For example, you can create “gift quizzes” within your bot and target people who have anniversaries within the next 2 months.

You are not just limited to Facebook Ads, you can feature include direct links to your quiz experience on your owned properties such as your website, app, and emails.

Quiz Experience

Creating a quiz either as a standalone campaign or as part of a wider conversational experience is a great way to grow your messenger list.

Unique attributes can be added to every individual answer which will allow you to track scores, collect unique insights and deliver a more personal and persuasive experience.

Completion & Integration

During the quiz, you can collect key contact information and of course answers to all of the questions asked.

Powerful integrations with third-party applications enable your team to fully automate your marketing workflows so all this data you have collected is easily accessed and analyzed.

Analysis & Insights

For the end-user quizzes are fun and entertaining, for your business quizzes offer the opportunity to collect actionable insights that will help boost conversions.

A quiz bot can help spot trends, create new leads, boost sales and allows you to look at each customer profile (subscriber) at a very granular level.

Messenger Quiz vs Website Quiz

Conversational experiences via Messenger bots are simply the next step in the evolution of traditional website forms.  Quiz Messenger bots allow you to nurture the leads in a more natural way.

Web Form Messenger Chatbot
Instant Customer Profile (CRM)
Automation Basic Complex
Conversion Rate Average High
Setup Simple Advanced

Work with us to build your first chatbot quiz that will improve your engagement and boost sales.

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