Chatbot Platforms: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis – ManyChat vs Botpress vs

Chatbot Platforms: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis – ManyChat vs Botpress vs

chatbot compare manychat vs botpress

In the fast growing field of chatbot and conversational marketing platforms, many services offer a range of features that cater to different business needs. Among these platforms, ManyChat, Botpress, and stand out. Each offers unique capabilities and pricing, making it essential for users to understand their differences and similarities in-depth. 

Key Feature Comparison

Visual Flow Builder:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, All three platforms offer an intuitive visual flow builder, enabling users to create chatbot dialogs visually.

Easy Setup:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, Each platform ensures quick setup, allowing users to deploy chatbots without a steep learning curve.

Message Delays:

  • ManyChat, Both platforms allow delays between messages for a more natural conversation flow.
  • Botpress: Does not support message delays.


  • ManyChat, Botpress, Support for sending images via the chatbot is available on all three platforms.


  • ManyChat, Botpress, All three can send audio files, enriching the user interaction.

Gallery Carousel:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, Each platform allows for creating gallery carousels, making it easy to display multiple images or cards.

Persistent Menu:

  • ManyChat, Both platforms support persistent menus for easier navigation.
  • Botpress: Does not support persistent menus.

Share Location:

  •, Botpress: Users can share their location within the chatbot.
  • ManyChat: Lacks this feature.

Email Validation:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, All three platforms validate emails to ensure accuracy.

Custom Fields:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, Custom fields are supported for storing user-specific information.

User Tags:

  • ManyChat, User tagging capabilities are available.
  • Botpress: Does not support user tags.

Broadcast Messages:

  • ManyChat, Both platforms allow sending broadcast messages to a list of contacts.
  • Botpress: Lacks broadcasting capability.

Sequence Messages:

  • ManyChat, Support for sequence messages on a predefined schedule.
  • Botpress: Does not support this feature.

Keyword Triggers:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, All platforms can trigger flows or specific responses based on user input keywords.

Advanced LLM AI Integrations:

  • Direct advanced AI integration with OpenAI, Google Gemini and other LLMs.
  • ManyChat, Botpress: Lacks this advanced AI integration.

Meta Channel Deployment (Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp):

  • ManyChat, Botpress, All three platforms support chatbot deployment on major Meta channels.


  • ManyChat,, Botpress: SMS deployment is supported.

Support Live Chat:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, Live chat support available for all three platforms.

Zapier & Make Integration:

  • ManyChat, Direct integration with both Zapier and Make.
  • Botpress: Lacks integration with these both of these tools.

Custom Webhooks:

  • ManyChat, Botpress, Support for custom webhooks to connect with various APIs.

Google Sheets Integration:

  • ManyChat, Direct Google Sheets integration for data storage and retrieval.
  • Botpress: Lacks this feature.

Embeddable Native Chat Widget:

  •, Botpress: Available on these platforms.
  • ManyChat: Does not support this feature natively. This feature is now more important since Meta have stopped supporting their website Messenger chat widget.

Facebook Message Ads:

  • ManyChat, Both support starting conversations through Facebook sponsored ads.
  • Botpress: Does not support a direct integration.

Social Comments Auto-Reply:

  • ManyChat, Both can automatically reply to comments on Facebook and Instagram posts.
  • Botpress: Does not support this feature.

Collect Payments:

  • ManyChat, Both platforms can collect payments directly within the chatbot.
  • Botpress: Lacks this feature.

A/B Testing:

  • ManyChat, Support A/B testing for optimizing chatbot flows.
  • Botpress: Does not support this feature.

Illustrative Pricing:

  • ManyChat: $125 per month for 20,000 active contacts.
  • Botpress: $100+ per month, depending on the plan.
  • $45 per month for 20,000 active contacts—significantly more affordable than the other two.
Features ManyChat Botpress
Visual Flow Builder
Easy Setup
Message Delays
Gallery Carousel
Persistent Menu
Share Location
Email Validation
Custom Fields
User Tags
Broadcast Messages
Sequence Messages
Keyword Triggers
Advanced LLM AI Integrations
Meta Channel Deployment (Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp)
Support Live Chat
Zapier & Make Integration
Custom Webhooks
Google Sheets Integration
Embeddable Native Chat Widget
Facebook Message Ads
Social Comments Auto-Reply
Collect Payments
A/B Testing
Pricing (20,000 contacts) $125/month $100+/month $45/month

Why Is the Winner

While ManyChat and Botpress offer commendable features, outshines them in several critical areas:

  1. Advanced AI Integrations: provides direct integrations with advanced LLMs like OpenAI and Google Gemini, offering refined conversational abilities and contextual understanding that the other platforms lack out of the box as standard.

  2. Comprehensive Feature Set: supports a multitude of features that are occasionally missing in the others, such as message delays, persistent menus, and location sharing, making it a robust platform for diverse use cases.

  3. Cost Efficiency: At just $45 per month for 20,000 active contacts, offers a highly competitive price point without compromising on functionality. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes, particularly small to medium enterprises.

  4. Additional Capabilities: Features like social comment auto-reply, payment collection, and A/B testing further enhance its utility, providing tools necessary to refine user interaction and increase conversion rate