How to grow your subscribers with a contest and giveaway Facebook Messenger bot

How to grow your subscribers with a contest and giveaway Facebook Messenger bot

Grow your contact list and generate more leads for your business by creating an interactive competition experience inside Messenger. Easy participation, instant leads and automated follow-ups.

Competitions & Giveaways Using Messenger

Entry Points

Marketers know that giving away something for free can be powerful marketing technique.

Chatbots are the perfect vessel to host giveaways, prizes, and contests due to their superior engagement rates, advanced logic and easy to use interface.

Getting people to participate in your contest is straight forward with Facebook click to Messenger adverts which will trigger the chatbot when clicked.

Paid adverts will have the greatest reach but you can also promote your competition organically on your social channels, website and emails.

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Enter Giveaway

Several mechanisms can be used to enter a contest on your chatbot such as commenting on a post, answering a question, solving a puzzle or completing a short survey.
The type of contest you run will be determined by your goal, common goals include; gathering insights, boosting awareness, growing your subscriber list and generating leads.
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Capture & Store Entries

Powerful integrations with third-party applications enable your team to fully automate your marketing workflows.
You can send emails, SMS messages, sync with your CRM and other databases.

Automated Followups

All your customer interactions are processed and custom attributes stored to help deliver targeted manual or automated follow-up messages.

A chatbot can provide continued re-engagement with existing subscribers to boost repeat business.

automated messenger marketing

Chatbot vs Web Form

Messenger bots are simply the next step in the evolution of traditional website forms.  Lead Messenger bots allow you to nurture the leads in a more natural way.

Web Form Messenger Chatbot
Instant Customer Profile (CRM)
Automation Basic Complex
Conversion Rate Average High
Setup Simple Advanced
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