Top 10 Instagram DM Bot Marketing Automation Tips For Beginners

Top 10 Instagram DM Bot Marketing Automation Tips For Beginners

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Social media can act as an amplifier of your marketing messages, but only if you properly use the tools at your disposal to elicit the desired responses. The use of smart bots for Instagram is certainly one of the easiest ways to maximise your outreach and improve your sales numbers.

To get the best results from your Instagram DM bot, try to follow these simple rules:

Tip #1: Make your conversations personal

The greatest advantage of conversational marketing is its ability to craft individual responses and drive interaction in any direction that suits you. Including a list of frequently asked questions on your Instagram account can provide you with a great tool to start conversations on a good note.

Tip #2: Set clear objectives for your Instagram campaign

You can accomplish a lot of different goals using marketing automation, but in order to program your bots in the most optimal way you need to know exactly what you are trying to do. Defining your objectives in quantitative terms early on is a good practice that helps with smart bot creation.

Tip #3: Keep the 24-hour rule in mind

Instagram has the ’24-hour’ rule that prevents businesses from sending promotional messages to users if they haven’t interacted with during the last 24 hours. With this in mind, your DM chatbot should be programmed to immediately initiate communication following any interaction. Non-promotional content can can still be sent, even promotional content be sent if clearly opted-in.

Tip #4: Let your brand identity and brand voice shine

Instagram bots should be integrated with your other marketing channels and tools. Keep your brand consistent across all channels is very important. If you customise it the right way, your bot can truly embody the brand voice in each and every response!

Tip #5: Use Instagram featured stories to trigger conversations

Conversations can be triggered using stories, you can also feature your most relevant relevant stories that can trigger specific flows within your Instagram DM bot such as get a quote, download a guide, ask a question, etc.

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Tip #6: Include relevant keywords in bios and ads

Another useful technique that can greatly improve targeting and consequently boost engagement is inclusion of keyword triggers. In addition to improving content discoverability, this also creates a gateway to your Instagram DM bot.

Tip #7: Use demographic data to fine-tune bot responses

Chatbots can advance different scenarios based on information about users and analysis of their actions. This ability can be crucial if you manage to formulate a good conversation outline and the preferred outcomes for each type of user.

Tip #8: Include links and actionable elements

Just like in a normal Instagram DM conversation, bots can use multimedia, links or CTA buttons along with text. Smart selection of actionable elements and their strategic inclusion at key points in a conversation could tip the scales in your favour and lead to a sale.

Tip #9: Always follow up on a conversation

Sometimes it takes multiple interactions before you achieve a single conversion, but with bots this doesn’t require any extra time or effort. Just make sure your bots are programmed to follow up on previous conversations at a predefined interval (sequences and automated follow-ups), so that your leads never go cold.

Tip #10: Track performance of your bots

You should continuously look to improve your bots, and the first step in this direction is to accurately evaluate their performance. If you set targets in advance and compare the real life results after a certain period, you will be able to spot areas where a simple tweak could make a difference. Bottlenecks within your conversational flows can be quickly identified. 

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