Grow Your Business Using WhatsApp Newsletter

Grow Your Business Using WhatsApp Newsletter


It’s getting crowded in the digital space, with advertisers attempting more and more aggressive tactics in a bid to capture the user’s attention, even for a brief moment. With this in mind, it doesn’t surprise that traditional online promotion methods are getting less and less effective, as consumers are mentally checking out and ignoring the incoming messages. One possible solution is to rely on new modes of communication that are based on user’s permission, which is why conversational marketing is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Of course, for a new approach to have an impact it’s necessary to find new tools suitable for it and develop new techniques for their practical utilisation. WhatsApp newsletter is one such tool that can put businesses into contact with thousands of potential customers without aggravating them with unsolicited or repetitive messages. Not only it causes less negative sentiments, but this also provides an actionable outlet for various types of promotional or informative campaigns.

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Here is everything you need to know about this marketing channel and its potentials to transform your business in a very short time:

What is WhatsApp Newsletter?

If you have a business account on WhatsApp, you have the option to send a newsletter to a circle of selected contacts. The newsletter can contain text, images or videos, as well as interactive elements such as the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. This allows the newsletter to be used for many different purposes, with the possibility to serve as a link taking the user to your corporate website or online shop. Considering the global popularity of WhatsApp and the amount of time people spend within this app, brands can use this newsletter to expand their reach beyond their immediate geographic area and engage a large number of potential buyers in meaningful conversations that ultimately lead to sales opportunities and increased revenues. The newsletter is sent from company account and delivered into WhatsApp inbox, so the entire conversation stays within the same channel and users can treat it as just another chat they are engaged it.

Who Can Receive Your Newsletters?

As opposed to online ads that are distributed more or less randomly, WhatsApp newsletter is delivered only to users that actively sign up for it. Signing up can be done by clicking on a dedicated CTA button, scanning a QR code, or another method, but the key is that users have to volunteer to receive the promotional messages. This ensures that the recipients are more enthusiastic towards the advertised offers and more likely to click through on any links included in the newsletter.  The users also have the ability to opt out at any time if they don’t find the newsletter interesting or valuable, so they always have a choice. Conversational marketing is thus demonstrably less invasive than most other online advertising methods, and it allows for establishing of organic connections with people who have a genuine interest for the offered product or service. Companies using this channel for a long time often have thousands of users on their contact lists, but are still able to personalise communications and deliver carefully crafted and precisely targeted messages.

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What Can WhatsApp Newsletters Be Used For?

Brands can use WhatsApp newsletter in many different roles depending the nature of the products or services they are selling and the expectations of the potential customers. The most common applications of this concept revolve around new product launches, sales promotions, customer engagement campaigns, or market research. Thanks to its interactive elements and high potential for user activation, digital newsletters open a while new range of possibilities that are still not completely explored. Since every company has its own set of priorities when it comes to communicating with customers, there is no definitive blueprint for utilizing WhatsApp newsletters, at least not yet. Early adopters have plenty of room for experimentation and could discover very effective methods for growing their volume of business with conversational marketing as the foundation. While they can’t completely replace online ads and mailing campaigns, digital newsletters have a place in the advertiser’s toolbox for the next decade.

How to Motivate People to Sign up for Your Newsletter?

From all of the above, it’s apparent that the number of users that sign up for the newsletter greatly determines its impact and cost effectiveness. This is why advertisers are searching for good ways to incentivise people to opt in, usually by offering free samples or other perks. Giving something for free ultimately creates a lot of value for the brand through increased opportunities for sales, and a lot of profit can be created through up-sale techniques. The content and design of the newsletter also play an important role, so it’s highly advisable to use the same colours associated with the brand and to keep the text short and well-organised. Inclusion of multimedia is another way to grab attention and stimulate interaction, and experienced advertisers are very skilled at combining product images and promo videos with strong commercial offers.

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Using Conversational Marketing Strategically to Fuel Your Growth

Many companies are complementing or even substituting traditional marketing activities with interactive campaigns based on smart online tools. Programmable and highly adaptable formats like the WhatsApp newsletter represent a worthy alternative to e-mail lists and pay-per-click ads, and they allow users to communicate with their favorite sellers through a mobile app. The newsletter is versatile and programmable, so it’s possible to segment the users based on various parameters and direct them towards pages they are most likely to be interested in. In this way, advertisers can greatly expand the number of people they are in direct communication with while at the same time personalizing the conversations to a greater degree. This approach is ethical, GDPR-compliant, and delivers tangible value for the customer, so companies going this route don’t risk alienating their clients or ruining their reputation in the industry. Quite contrary, conversational marketing positions a company as responsive and user-friendly, which are hugely important descriptors in the online world.

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With so much noise unlocking the potential of AI and chat marketing for your business can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. 

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