Improving Your Business With a Customer Support Bot

Improving Your Business With a Customer Support Bot

Everyone at some point will have had the awful experience of being put hold during a phone call or waiting in a virtual line to chat with an online operator. An FAQ or customer service chatbot can help eliminate many of the frustrations experienced by instantly answering questions, performing simple administrative tasks and re-routing users’ to a human when necessarily. 

Typical Customer Service Conversational Workflow

Prompt Customer Service

Businesses can use ref links strategically located throughtout their online properties (websites, apps, emails, etc.) which trigger the customer service bot into action.

Links could be placed on product pages, FAQ pages, customer emails, website footers, and other prominent locations to provide instant virtual assistance.

It allows businesses to provide support to their customers’ at more critical touchpoints.

customer service messenger faq

Customer Support is Provided

During the conversation, you can collect key information such as email, mobile and key customer preferences which makes assisting the customer so much easier.

A chatbot can be integrated with other business systems to instantly lookup key customer information. This kind of automation dramatically enhances the customer experience.

customer service chatbot

Capture & Store Leads

During the conversation, you can collect key information such as email, mobile and key preferences related to your business.

If at any stage the customer would prefer to chat with a real person regarding their product recommendations, it’s quick and easy to handover to a live operator.

customer service chatbots

Live Chat, CRM & Email Integrations

Chatbots help but don’t replace customer service agents.

A customer service answer bot can provide answers to approximately 40% of all questions before they make it to a human, improving staff productivity and reducing customer frustrations.

You can send emails, SMS messages, sync with your CRM and other databases.

In cases, where the chatbot is unable to provide a sufficient answer, it can be redirected to a human operator.

chatbot handover human

Automated Followups

All your customer interactions are processed and stored which can be used to send personal automated follow-up messages.

Automated follow-up messages can be sent to customers whose cases have been resolved to request their feedback.

You can also easily reconnect with customers who have unresolved cases to help reach a resolution.

Messenger vs Web Form

Conversational experiences via Messenger bots are simply the next step in the evolution of traditional website forms.  Lead messenger bots allow you to nurture the leads in a more natural way.

Web Form Messenger Chatbot
Instant Customer Profile (CRM)
Automation Basic Complex
Conversion Rate Average High
Setup Simple Advanced
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