Chatbot Content Delivery Strategies – Curated Content and Newsletters

Chatbot Content Delivery Strategies – Curated Content and Newsletters

Using a chatbot to deliver your content puts control back into your hands. These conversational experiences collect detailed metrics that provide your businesses with detailed insights into how your audience is engaging with your content. With users focused on social messaging platforms instead of their social feeds, content delivery chatbots are the perfect solution for delivering what every brand needs and what every user wants.

Using a Chatbot to Improve Your Content Strategy

Grow Your List

Just like an email newsletter, the success of a bot newsletter is highly dependant on any getting your audience subscribed.
You can grow your bot subscriber list by using Facebook Messenger Ads as well as promoting your new newsletter bot on your own online properties.
Once a person engages with your newsletter chatbot they automatically become a subscriber.
The superior targeting options available on Facebook Messenger make it quicker and easier to scale a relevant subscriber list.
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Your audience can easily opt-in to specific content updates.
Messenger is highly optimised to capture user preferences and is easier to digest in a mobile-first world.
You can easily segment and group your audience based on their personal preferences.
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Send Messages

You can send your content campaigns to be sent right away, use a smart trigger or schedule it for a specific date. These sequences will help increase your retention and activation rates.

Unlike email marketing, messenger marketing is a two-way communication channel. The inputs sent by the user will determine the response/flow of the Messenger bot which allows for 1000s of possible permutations creating a highly personalised experience which can be consumed at the users own pace.

Messenger bots can have CTRs ranging from 20% to 60%, that’s 8X more clicks than the average email campaign.

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Insights & Analytics

We provide granular insights for each content delivery campaign. You will know the open-rate, click-through-rate, absolute number of opens and clicks for each subscriber.
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Messenger Content vs Email Content

Conversational experiences via Messenger bots are simply the next step in the evolution of email. Content delivery bots allow you to interact with your audience in a more natural way.

Web Form Messenger Chatbot
Instant Customer Profile (CRM)
Automation Basic Complex
Conversion Rate Average High
Setup Simple Advanced
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