How Museums Are Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

How Museums Are Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

Countless museums around the world use technology in its various forms to help improve productivity, boost sales and provide an overall better visitor experience – Facebook Messenger marketing technology is the latest tech stack museums are now looking to get involved in.

Facebook is shifting from public feeds to private messaging. Smart brands are making plans to pivot alongside them.

Ryan Dearlove – Chit Chat Agency Founder

Over 1 billion people make use of Facebook Messenger on a monthly basis. So, it is no surprise to see smart brands rushing to invest marketing budget in the platform.

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed by employing a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy:

  • You get to interact with your audience on a 1-to-1 basis at scale.
  • You can tap into Facebook’s powerful audience targeting capabilities to help increase footfall.
  • You get insightful data on who is visiting your museum as well as their interactions.
  • Your broadcast message campaigns can easily outperform e-mail marketing by up to 400%.
  • Help your audience plan their visit by showcasing your latest exhibitions.
  • Instantly answer frequently asked questions – in any language, at any time.

Many museums are already leveraging the opportunities presented by Facebook Messenger marketing and enjoying the benefits listed above.

Below I have outlined 3 genuine Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns employed by renowned museums around the world.


This strategy was used by the House of Milan, which is a group of four historical homes in Milan. They decided to use gamification to motivate people into visiting their museum.

The museum created a Facebook Messenger chatbot that users could interact with via their website and Facebook page.

The messenger bot invites users to a game of exploration and fighting. The users find hidden clues and fight a Renaissance magician in order to obtain a final discovery.


Making it easy to find your way or locate a specific item is one gesture every visitor would appreciate. This is exactly what the National Art Museum, Belarus did with their Facebook Messenger Bot.

Visitors who are walking through the museum can use the museum’s Facebook Messenger chatbot to find what they are looking for.

It also provides information on almost every piece in the museum, it’s your handheld personalised museum guide.


Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House launched a Messenger bot in 2017. This bot was presented to the public on the International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination.

anne frank museum chatbot

The Messenger bot uses deep learning AI, which allows it the ability to understand what a user wants and what their intent is. The AI technology also allows it to provide users with the right information, content, or engagement they may require.

The bot provides users with information about WWII, Anne Frank, and the Anne Frank House. According to the museum, this bot serves as a way to provide valuable information in an engaging way that’s better than exploring a website.


Why Smart Businesses Are Investing in Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

Why Smart Businesses Are Investing in Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

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