How Amazon Sellers Can Use Messenger & Instagram Chatbots

How Amazon Sellers Can Use Messenger & Instagram Chatbots

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Amazon is a powerful sales platform that can launch any product into global consciousness practically overnight, but success doesn’t come automatically. Faced with growingly intense competition (almost 10 million sellers worldwide), Amazon sellers need to use all the resources at their disposal to create leads and convert them into profits. Facebook Messenger can be one of the tools that gets an Amazon sales campaign on track quickly if used the right way.

One of the reasons why chat marketing is so interesting to advertisers is the possibility to use chat bots to manage communications with large number of potential customers very efficiently. Bots are very easy to customise and deploy, and they can serve in a variety of roles essential to most Amazon sellers. Here are some of the most impactful ways to leverage chat bot technology to improve the results of an online sales campaign:

Increasing Amazon seller reviews

Reputation is everything in the online world, and having good reviews is the key to selling a product. In a recent survey Amazon sellers ranked “getting customer reviews” as their number one challenge. Amazon reviews factor heavily into product rank in the search results, simply put, Amazon rewards businesses that generate genuine positive reviews at scale.

Chatbots can collect reviews in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive, which motivates more users to volunteer their opinions. The bot can direct the users to the appropriate pages and flows, where their reviews can be visible to everyone, ultimately helping to spread positive buzz and reassure potential buyers.  Inserts can be left in your packaging that asks your buyers to leave feedback. These inserts could include QR codes or custom URLs that link directly to your Amazon reviews Messenger chatbot or automated Instagram DMs.

The chatbot can also help you identify any unsatisfied customers and allow your team to resolve any issues before any negative reviews are made public.

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Product giveaways and contests

Giving something for free is one of the most successful marketing techniques of all time, and it still works in the digital era. In fact, the possibility to publicise the giveaway through social networks and attract users to participate in a contest to win the product makes it even more effective. The use of chatbots contributes greatly to the visibility of the promotion and provides a practical way to execute it. By including a call to action that is time-limited and using informal but excitable language, it’s possible to reach very high engagement rates with this method. These types of chat marketing strategies work great for Amazon product launches.

Automating coupon codes and rebates

Amazon sellers can accelerate sales of selected products by offering rebates. Campaigns based on this principle can improved using chatbots. Using chatbots to administrate rebates to buyers can have a big impact on long-term sales results and customer loyalty.

Coupon codes can be instrumental for getting an Amazon sales page off the ground. Notably, chatbots can make this strategy even more effective by handling the coupon distribution with little need for human oversight. Promoting a product on Amazon with coupons handed out through Messenger or Instagram DMs is an innovative approach that relies on directness and personal nature of these channels to drive up interest.

However, it is important to keep up-to-date with Amazons ever evolving terms of service (TOS) so that you don’t fall foul of any rules.

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