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Travel Professor

We recently designed and created a Facebook Messenger bot (The Travel Professor) which alerts people to cheap flights matching their personal travel preferences. The bot became the #1 trending Messenger bot on Product Hunt.


The Facebook chatbot asks users 5 questions and provides personalised destination ideas based on the users answers, the bot includes over 1500 unique travel recommendations.

paired updates

The messenger bot is able to send personalised cheap flight alerts to user’s who have opted-in. User’s only receive alerts which are relevant to them, usually 3 to 7 per month.

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personal assistant

From travel insurance to spending money abroad, the messenger bot will provide users with advice based on their personal attributes.

Full Control

Users have full control over the messages they receive. At any time, users can unsubscribe, view, delete and edit their personal data.

We approached Chit Chat Agency with a mishmash of ideas. They helped re-focus us and took a lead role not just in the design, development and marketing but also our monetization strategy. They’ve played an indispensable role in helping us become one of the leading travel messenger bots.
Howard Abelson
Operations Director

Measures of Success

Measuring ROI isn’t a problem you’ll experience with Messenger Marketing.

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