7 truths that prove businesses must prioritise mobile marketing

7 truths that prove businesses must prioritise mobile marketing

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When it comes to predicting the future trends in business, today’s numbers don’t always tell the whole story. However, when the stats match what the naked eye already tells you, it’s pretty certain that the projection is accurate. Modern customers are spending more and more time glued to their mobile devices and use them to buy products and services without leaving their homes. At the same time, they have very high expectations and reward brands that can deliver a consistently good user experience.

Here are some hard numbers that mostly confirm the intuitive beliefs about this topic:

Fact #1 – Over 70% of business owners believe that mobile marketing is crucial for success

This finding comes as no surprise to anyone, considering that mobile communications are already playing a huge role in the marketing plans of many companies. This figure does indicate that the interest in mobile advertising, dedicated apps, and chat bots now transcends the tech industry and is increasingly present across all sectors. Based on this stat, we can fully expect several innovative mobile marketing techniques to emerge and spread widely in the coming period.

Fact #2 – 60% of consumers are prepared to pay more for a better shopping experience

Most importantly, this stat was obtained from an international survey covering more than 20 different countries around the globe. It seemingly flies in the face of the traditional emphasis on competitive pricing, but obviously for many people online shopping isn’t just about value hunting. With this in mind, companies will need to rethink their e-sales strategies and include more engaging elements that customers would appreciate. Those who stick to old, centralised methods and ignore personalisation could have trouble attracting shoppers in the future.

Fact #3 – Over 80% of leading businesses place a premium on the projection of future demand

The value of analytics for any business that relies on digital marketing channels is simply immense, and there is a broad consensus that accurate predictions are the key to sustained growth. While high-quality analytics suites are widely available today, the ability of some company owners and top managers to interpret the data within a business context is lagging behind. By adopting a data-driven mind-set and readily using new tools to collect and process information about customers and their preferences, companies can survive and thrive in an ever-changing market.

Fact #4 – Two-thirds of the world’s population owns a mobile device in 2021

That’s a 13% growth in just one year, so the robust trend of global adoption of mobile technology is not slowing down at all. This number illustrates how huge the target market for mobile-oriented sales strategies really is and why all businesses regardless of their location must be prepared for a mobile-first approach to monetisation. With this kind of coverage, mobile campaigns have a different scope than in any earlier era, and can be delivered directly to the person rather than to a whole demographic group, allowing for the use of more advanced persuasion techniques. 

Fact #5 – Only 1 in 6 marketers isn’t concerned about ad personalisation and its challenges

It’s generally accepted that content personalisation is necessary for a successful mobile ad campaign, but an alarming percentage of small and medium businesses are slow to figure out how best to use it to their advantage. To be fair, the technology behind personalised campaigns is quite complex while the outlooks of users can be very diverse and difficult to reduce to actionable elements. The solution might be to partner with specialised marketing firms that understand how to engage customers and show them exactly the content they need to see.

Fact #6 – Nearly 60% of businesses agree that ownership of first-party data is essential

If you are forming long-term decisions exclusively upon data that is available to your competitors, you will have a hard time finding an advantage. Collecting and storing proprietary data can provide a solid foundation for business insights that make a real difference. That’s why tools that allow precise and targeted data collection are in high demand at the moment, including customised chat bots for communication with the customers that are fully integrated into your information system.

Fact #7 – Over 60% of all mobile traffic is in the video format – and this number keeps growing

Video is the king of online communications, and this is not going to change anytime soon. As mobile internet speeds continue to grow, users are consuming information in rich media formats that stimulate interaction. Video already accounts for a lion’s share of all traffic, and this number is expected to keep growing over the next five years. To stay in the race, marketers will have to embrace a multimedia-heavy approach and include more live streaming and high-end videos into the media mix.

Bonus Fact – 2 in 3 people say Instagram helps nurture interactions with brands

And, 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services. Simply put, if you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out on powerful selling opportunities. With the introduction of Instagram Direct messaging automation brands can now foster these one-to-one personal interactions at scale.

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