5 Instagram Content Calendar Templates – Free Downloads + ChatGPT Prompts

5 Instagram Content Calendar Templates – Free Downloads + ChatGPT Prompts

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It is imperative to be very active if you want to succeed with social media marketing, as keeping the users entertained and engaged is the first order of business. Of course, so much activity can easily descend into chaos unless you introduce some planning and schedule your posts in advance. With this in mind, brands with a heavy Instagram presence could greatly benefit from adopting a visually organised content calendar to guide and coordinate their efforts.

Since it’s smart to get any free assistance you can in this uber-competitive environment, ready-made templates for content calendars are a great starting point for organising your Instagram campaign and tracking its results in real time. A lot of great content calendars can be downloaded for free from the web, allowing businesses to shorten the preparations and launch the campaign without wasting any time. Here are five notable examples that stand out for practicality, usability, and great style.

1. Spreadsheet calendar for social media

This simple and well-organised template is perfect for anyone who prefers clarity over fancy graphics. It looks and feels exactly like a normal Excel table, so it won’t take too long to get used to. The interface is designed with high contrasts and straight alignments to ensure that every change can be instantly noticed. Every element including fonts, colours, etc. can be easily customised, allowing each user to adjust the template to his unique needs.
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2. Social media editorial calendar

Brands that post a lot of editorial content would be better served with a template made specifically for this type of Instagram presence. The tasks are divided into groups, and dynamically updated as they are completed. It’s very easy to add or remove items as you go, while the next tasks will always be prominently displayed. This design is very printer-friendly, so it can be distributed in a physical form in addition to its role as a digital bulletin board.

3. Color-coded Instagram content calendar

This simple color-coded template from our bot development partners ManyChat leverages the power of visual communication to introduce a new level of alertness and awareness of the timelines. Each colour in this scheme is assigned to a specific type of task, so team members can see what they need to do at a glance and add new items quickly, without having to type descriptions or tags. The elegance of the concept is well-suited for Instagram, where it’s very important to keep things in style but staying organised is an even greater priority.

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4. Weekly publishing content calendar

Keeping the focus firmly on the short-term is a good approach for Instagram marketing, especially while a large and complex campaign is in progress. With this simple calendar you can separately set due dates for different types of content so that each post, story, or reel appears exactly on schedule. Any company that publishes a high volume of social media content on a daily level would be well-served with this hands-on, pragmatic template.

Instagram social calendar weekly template

5. Annual content calendar for multiple social media

For those who are more concerned with the big picture, this convenient template takes a 10,000 mile view and allows tracking of activities across multiple platforms throughout the year. Of course, zooming in to check a daily or weekly schedule is possible as well, so the template works great on every level. It may not be the most visually attractive example of an Instagram content calendar, but it will keep the entire team on the same page and give content managers a complete peace of mind.

social calendar annual

Bonus! How to use ChatGPT prompts for your Instagram social media posts

Transform your social media game! Forget manual struggles – with ChatGPT, get killer captions, content ideas and hashtags in minutes.

1) Write me an Instagram caption for a post promoting our [product/service]. Specifically highlight [key feature/detail]. Be descriptive but keep it short. Ensure the tone is [tone/language style].

  • Variations:

    • “Craft a compelling Instagram caption showcasing our [product/service], emphasizing its [key feature/detail]. Maintain brevity and ensure the tone is [tone/language style].”
    • “Think like a creative copywriter and generate an Instagram caption that captures attention, focusing on the [key feature/detail] of our [product/service].”
  • Where/Who Can Use It:

    • Social media managers or content creators responsible for Instagram marketing.
    • Businesses promoting a specific product or service with unique features.
  • Additional Information:

    • Specify the industry or nature of the business to tailor the caption.
    • Include any relevant hashtags or mentions for increased visibility.

2) Create a one-month Instagram content plan for [business + product/service]. Develop a content plan to increase user engagement; we’d like more comments.

  • Variations:

    • “Design a comprehensive Instagram content calendar for the next month, focusing on [business + product/service]. Prioritize content that encourages user engagement, specifically aiming to increase comments.”
    • “Think like a social media strategist and outline a month-long Instagram content plan for [business + product/service], with a primary goal of fostering more comments.”
  • Where/Who Can Use It:

    • Social media managers, marketing teams, or business owners overseeing Instagram strategy.
    • Businesses looking to boost user engagement, particularly in the form of comments.
  • Additional Information:

    • Specify the industry or niche to align content with the target audience.
    • Include any upcoming events, product launches, or promotions that can be highlighted in the plan.
    • Consider incorporating interactive elements such as polls, questions, or challenges to encourage comments.

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